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       Ancient Piedmontese Apples, which are grown in organic and integrated way, are under the protection of Slow Food. They belong to the basket of the typical products of the province of Turin and the producers are official suppliers for the Olympic Games - Turin 2006. The Ancient Apples and their by-products (dehydrated Ancient Apples and the famous juice "Tuttomele", clear apple juice) are supplied by the vending machines set by Giordano Farm in the municipal districts of San Sicario, Pragelato and Pinerolo.

Ancient Piedmontese Apples

       Alluvial soil in Bibiana-Cavour area has proved excellent for the development of flourishing apple-growing, which is today a leading activity in the region. The fruits which are registered as "Ancient Piedmontese Apples" belong to eight ancient varieties: Buras, Calvilla bianca, Carla, Dominici, Gamba fina, Grigia di Torriana, Magnana, Runsè.

       Piedmontese apple-growing history starts in the early Middle Ages when monastic orders grew and improved varieties which lived through the barbaric invasions. In the eighteenth century the farmers who crossed the Alps to look for work brought new grafts and new cultivation techniques from France. At the beginning of 1900 Piedmont owned thousands of varieties, but the development of industrial agriculture brought about a merciless selection. As a matter of fact the market prefers foreign varieties which are bigger, more beautiful and suitable to modern techniques. But in the fringe areas lots of old varieties have survived. Some of them may have a future because they are good, aromatic, rustic and resistant.

       Today the Ancient Piedmontese Apples are grown in Bibiana-Cavour area but also in some neighbouring districts in the Province of Cuneo. They have been chosen to become part of the “basket” of typical products of the Province of Turin thanks to their fine organoleptic characters but also because they lend themselves to being used in particular recipes (they can be cooked in wine, in bread and used in fruit pies). This product is under the protection of Slow Food. Besides the Province of Turin, together with many other institutions, is engaged in the safeguard and promotion of a precious genetic inheritance which is threatened with extinction.

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Varieties which are registered as "Ancient Piedmontese Apples"

Grigia di Torriana
Calvilla Bianca
Gamba Fina Lunga
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